December 11, 2007


The new Hummer HX is out and I love it! I enjoy offroading, especially in a country with as diverse a terrain as the Philippines. The original H1 was a bit too heavy and too large to really use for the trails offered in the country. Its designed perfectly for the deserts of Iraq but with tight ravines, rivers, and boulder-ridden volcanoes, the H1 is not the best companion. This new hummer however looks great! Short overhang, good clearance (as with any hummer-- due to transmission casing) and surely a powerful engine. The only problem will be the parts... in Landcruiser country, when stuck up some mountain; GM parts are hard to come by. What a great looking design. Young. Agile. Competent. Lets see if the guys at GM put this into production. There are significantly less individuals willing to take their hummer off road then to the local Wallmart.

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