December 19, 2007


Tata Motors is a strong contender for Jaguar and Landrover. There is a rich irony in this that I am sure is rippling through the British car manufacturing community-- then again, after selling out to the Americans (Jaguar and Landrover) and Germans (Rolls Royce, Bentley), the initial shock has probably long since passed.

I have met with the Tata Group and I have to say that I found them to be highly driven professionals. The cars that they produce, while not impressive on an international standard, fit and serve the Indian market well. They recently announced that they would be producing a $2500 car (a car which is basically glued together!! Literally!) which would make the modern Model T. While as a group they certainly have the funding to purchase the ailing Jaguar and Landrover from Ford- I wonder if they have the technical expertise to manage such different lines of production?

The car aficionado that I am cries sacrilege at the thought of the "poetic justice" will be served to the Indians if they purchase these symbols of British Civilization (aptly worded by Todd Lassa). However, as a champion for the underdog- I hope they buy it and run it better than the original owners. Anyway, Ford has more than enough problems on its plate, a bit of infused cash would not hurt.

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