February 14, 2008


The Xperia X1 will be the first mobile phone developed between Microsoft and Sony Ericsson, to be launched 2nd quarter of 2008. With Googles mobile phone operating system well in the works and a hugely successful IPhone, it is clear that the technology behind Mobile Phones will be making a drastic shift in 2008 and the coming years. Companies are developing phones that integrate your consumer lifestyle with strong business applications. From the stocks you track to the weekly episodes of Grey's Anatomy you watch, these phones are rivaling computers in terms of importance for your day to day life.

From a Mobile Advertising perspective, technology and user acceptance is slowly developing into that dream of a lifestyle integrated and connected consumer. However, as pointed out by some detractors at the Barcelona conference; you can advertise through Mobile Phones, but how do you develop the "endearing" and "loyalty inducing" advertisements that are prevalent across print and television media? It is one thing to target users through short 3G clips, MMS blasts and Mobile clips. You can even spread the same message across several mediums through a diversified campaign (Blogs + 3G + RBT + MMS/SMS). These are all interesting and certainly well targeted advertisements-- but do they develop the connection that a rich, colorful, and audio superior, television advertisement does? Can they?

I still remember the Wendy's "Where's the beef?" campaign or Joe Isuzu's ridiculous claims, I remember the Delmonte nuns and their tomato sauce as clearly as I remember sexy, 90's Britney dancing for Pepsi. How will mobile advertisers develop this sort of an impact? With small screens, multiple running applications, and the fact that a mobile phone is DESIGNED for multitasking (consumer focus is fragmented), this will be no small feat. I'm looking forward to watching the industry progress.

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Anonymous said...

I do agree with your observation Jolly Jetsetter, it would be hard for this new medium to have the same impact as the old mediums have in the pass. But it would be fun to see them try. I still love those old Filipino ads though no matter where i am in the world i still sing " I love you sabado pati narin linggo..." For those of you who don't know this it's by that fastfood company with the big bee as it's mascot!