March 17, 2008


Tesla roadsters go into production
Mar 17th and the Tesla roadster goes on for regular production. They estimate a product run of around 600 roadsters for 2008, with an estimated production capacity of around 100 roadsters a month. great for the environment. I still think they are ugly.

BMW expands during a recession

BMW plans to invest $750,000,000 in its Spartanburg, USA plant. This focuses on the X3, X5, and X6 models. I wonder if this is really a good move by the Bavarian giant, especially when Toyota is limiting its US production, Chrysler is downsizing plants, and GM... well, they have been slicing away for years. There is a recession coming. Americans are losing their homes and in some cases (Bear) their savings, is it really wise to expand now?


Anonymous said...

There is always opportunity in adversity... i guess the german's just see too much potential to let the opportunity pass them by and it will give a much needed boost in the job market.

The Jolly Jetsetter said...

Well, from a business perspective (assuming you have a big warchest) to expand in an economic recession is a good move. I think JP Morgan is our best example of this. But this usually does not hold for car manufacturers, and I would think that it is still a bit early in the recession to be investing.

Anonymous said...

I don't know JJS i am interested to see what BMW is up to. After working with german's for quiet a bit they strike me as conservative when it comes to money spending and if they do spend it means they are up to something. Calculated and efficient.