March 05, 2008

QUICK NEWS (Mobility and The Industry- News and Interests) 03/06/08

Mobile Over Fixed
Wired News reports that for the first time Americans say they would have more trouble giving up their mobile phones than a traditional phone. On a typical day, 31% of mobile phone owners use text messaging and 15% use the devices camera features. More Americans are are also experiencing an increased dependency on their blackberry devices. While this may not come as such a big surprise for Filipinos, who's demographic landscape and weak fixed line services have long made the mobile phone the staple for communications. It does outline the growing change in developed countries, who have benefited from a vast expanse of wires and cables that give them connectivity through fixed lines and fast broadband connection. I am quite pleased at this short report, it clearly outlines what I believe is happening in the industry. That the present mobile phone population estimates are vastly understated. As the mobile phone becomes the communications tool of preference, we will see a surge in usage from consumers who will no longer be using their fixed lines and consumers that prefer to do the majority of their emails and web applications "on the go." Your mobile phone is the convergence of all these devices, making it a massive growth industry for advertisers and VAS companies alike.

More reason to worry about the environment
BY 2030 "Ozone pollution alone is likely to cause four times mre premature deaths per head of population than in 2000.(OECD)" And this is WITH current policies (which have undergone serious changes in the last 2 years). Maybe that Bio-Fuel deal they just signed in Washington for the Philippines will help (Hah!)

Girls are smarter than boys...
I just read an interesting article in science daily that reports that girls may yet again, be smarter than boys. Studying the different brain functions for language comprehension and fluency. There is now hard data through fMRI studies that support that girls "still showed significantly greater activation in language areas of the brain than boys." Girls it seems can process more abstract information (hence the loosely used term: smarter) than boys, who, in the scientists words may "have some kind of bottleneck in their sensory processes that can hold up visual or auditory information and keep it from being fed into the language areas of the brain."

Hmmmm. Interesting. If I cannot learn a language well through reading or hearing... osmosis? You know, not to rekindle my youth, I but I do remember kids in our class who could not retain information during classes. They were often segregated into small groups which met after school and wore finely pointed "dunce caps."

Who am I to argue with scientists (fluent in 3 languages, basic in 2). At least they were nice enough to give men some bit of saving grace, by throwing us the evolutionary card: We have evolved in this manner to allow us to "quickly recognize danger associated sights and sounds." So, I may not be able to absorb vast swaths of information, but if I see a T Rex barreling down on me, my ever evolved brain rings "DANGER!" Fabulous.


Anonymous said...

It is highly more likely that a man's "highly evolved" brain can think of a quicker response like spear that T-rex before it takes a bite out of him as oppose to a woman who might just ask that T-rex to coffee to discuss their "feelings".

The Jolly Jetsetter said...

You will be surprised. I've found that with the right provocation women can be far more deadly than men!

Anonymous said...

Am i to assume that these so called "women" friends of yours use their "highly evolved" brains for vulcan mind-melds?rendering the man speechless turning him into a pool of goo with a single stare...