April 22, 2008


I have to admit that recent Geely creations have gotten significantly better looking, designers are finally digging into the gene pool of Gong Li's rather than the Samo Hung's. A leap forward from their early 1960's to 1970's “Red Flag” limousine (the company still exists today). I'll credit the communists with that monstrosity.

Geely and similar Chinese car companies still have a long road to travel in terms of fit and finish. Dashboard buttons are as large and warped as northern dumplings and poorly spaced. Cheap plastic, interwoven with grainy wood and vinyl leatherette-- why didn't they just outsource the interior work to the fake LV and Gucci factories in Guangzhou? Their interiors are a definite “Class C!”

Design aside, the manufacturing capability of these local companies is surprisingly efficient. Perhaps not the the best or even near the top, but a good, solid middle. These new Geely designs bode well for the future. If they do not conquer the world, at least they have the 1.9 billion strong, local market.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha, JJS you do have a way with words. Outsourcing the interiors to the fake LV and Gucci factories!, i have to admit that could be a better alternative. Those bag peddlers are really good in copying the real deal. Now you see matrona looking ladies in jeeps in ayala ave. carrying those fake LV speedy.