May 04, 2008


After a good happy hour set of steak burgers and Ketel One martini’s at Mortons Steakhouse—arguably the best burgers and martini’s in Singapore, I proceeded to continue in my gluttony by charging a fine set of Romeo and Julieta No. 3's and bottle of Abelour 10 years to my expense account! In my frequent travels, there is nothing quite like enjoying a manly evening of steaks, cigars, malt and beautiful people, while chatting with friends about business! It has all the right elements: Something bad for your heart, liver and mouth, while exercising your mind AND eyes. Perfect.

Abelour 10 Years: A spicy and salty Speyside (the bar listed it as an Islay) Malt, not the top of the Abelour range, but for the price a relative bargain. It warms you up quick, leaving a sweet aftertaste. Does not carry the salty Speyside hit that a lot of the Malts from this region carry.

Romeo and Julieta No. 03: Hits with a nice vanilla aftertaste, which grows more poignant as the cigar burns mid-way (must be the heat). I find it a bit harsh for my taste, preferring a nice Cohiba or Davidoff of equivalent size—though many will argue. It has a light draw…ugh.

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