May 25, 2008


Latest China quake statistics
60,000 dead with over 70,000 buildings damaged in the Sichuan region as per the latest CNN review. A friend of mine and fellow Filipino runs the CNN bureau in China, he has been on the ground doing his best to report on the impact of this earthquake. He does not downplay the magnitude of the devastation or dead, but adds that the government and social organizations have been working overtime to save and assist as many people as possible (and effectively). Trying times for China.

747 splits in half
This is the first time I have ever seen something of this sort. Not the sort of publicity that Boeing needs at the moment. Mental note, do not ride jump seat on Kalitta Air.

The viper recoils
"I owe that to the Filipino people, to the Filipino nation, to shed light on what I know."-De Venecia (Quoted from Seems like the dethroned and wounded man is about to bite back. You can always tell when a Filipino politician does this because they whip up rhetoric fitting of Rousseau himself,albeit with a matching look of contrition (bleh). While this statement was made in regard to the NBN-ZTE scandal, one can only guess at what secrets this old timer has harbored. Its going to be an interesting 2nd half of the year for Filipino politics.

Indiana Jones and Mountain of Lost Money
I sneered in disgust as I watched my moderately diminished hero try to deliver a reasonable explanation for the crystal skeletons that filled the magical knowledge chamber, which in fact, was a dimensional portal. Notwithstanding the weak attempt at a rekindled romance, a swashbuckling hero/grandfather, been there done that action sequences, some Russian accent that I doubt any Russian would understand and 2 hours of my life-- the last 15 minutes of Indiana Jones and The Cristal skull nailed this coffin shut. The coupe de grace.

I am filing this movie with godfather 3. A must- NOT-see. This is no jest, for all Indiana Jones fans, it is better to remember the trilogy for what it was, brilliance in casting, effects and “could have been” scenarios. It was an adventure from start to finish and brought out the explorers in all of us. This Cristal Skull mishap fits better with the Tomb Raider franchise--at least the public expects it to suck! For all those involved, specifically George Lucas, I am sorry you are going to lose so much money.


Anonymous said...

Dear JJS
Well atleast he got one statement right, Mr. de Venecia does "owe" the Filipino people. Now his definition of what he "owes" us is the bone of contention, but you got to love these Filipino politicians they do love drama, must be the effect of having too many soap operas on local t.v rather then informative programs. Ahhh the smell scandals to come...

M-AD said...

Dear JJS,

Thanks for the always interesting reading and wide world updates.

About the latest Indiana Jones a few dozen million people seems to have been following your example and pay a ticket to the "show". The first week in US and North America brought over 100 Mil. USD

May be we should think of making some money out of some Indiana Jones T-shirts and cups !!

The Jolly Jetsetter said...

Dear M-AD
Its terrible what people will watch these days. Its a good example of how quality of films do not matter as much as the quality of the marketing behind it!

Ill be posting something of interest for you, seems to be a few new mobile services popping up in Asia!