November 28, 2007


Mobile Advertising was major focus for this years Ad-Congress, as it should be with the burgeoning services that are now being offered as an attempt to break into the new market. Aptly stated by a friend who’s company “AdTag” is one of the many new services being offered: “This next year will be mobile advertising 1.0, companies and services will come and go until we reach a balance—mobile 2.0.” This explains the surge in innovative (AdTag, Ad-Phone, Chikka Messenger) and tried/dull (Mobile Casino, Vanitech) services aimed at shaping the mobile advertising industry. Until the dust settles, expect to be the guinea pigs for the new advertising war. Perhaps that is not such a bad thing so long as the freebies and incentives keep flying our way.

On a side note, I was able to catch the talk of Neil Gaiman. I am now officially hooked to his Sandman series, which I recommend to those of us who enjoy the dark, brooding, philosopher/hero types—just be forgiving on the rather roughly sketched drawings.

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