November 25, 2007


This will be my first blog post- i guess you can call me an "early adapter." Picking the template, customizing the font, and publishing was easy enough, but i've been sitting for 15 minutes, waiting for that spark of inspiration to fuel a decently long blog post. What the hell am I supposed to write about?

I'll leave this entry with a photo from my Business Picnic last weekend. We combined work, decadence (fresh flown in tuna, fine wine and cuban cigars), and adventure (Off-roading). Lessons learned: 1) Business is done best with partners of similar interests 2) Dominican cigars are still a better value 3) Landcruiser aside, Toyota makes shit of SUV's.

For those looking for a good offroading adventure, the directions to Puning Hot Springs is as follows:

1) Take the North Luzon Expressway to Clark (Enter Clark).

2) Ask directions to the Sapang Bato Clark Gate (This is close to the junction off the main Clark road to Mimosa).

3) Immediately out of the Sapang Bato Clark Gate, take a right and basically follow the road (you will need to continually ask for directions to Sitio Target).

4) At Sitio Target, you will need to register with the Sitio Hall. There is now a Spa at the end of the hot springs, if your in it for the offroading, I would not bother with the Spa. Note, they will force a guide on you-- I highly suggest you ask for the best guide possible, and make sure that he has a radio. Our guide was arguably the most useless guide available.

Bring your gear, the most important being an Extended Jack and a tow line. This is very important. I would also suggest a hand held radio as signal is spotty. This is a great offroad trip through the lahar river, highly enjoyable. WARNING: at the chance of rain you need to turn around immediately. Cut your trip short if need be as you may find yourself stuck and in a dangerous situation-- with rain this happens very quickly.


A said...

the clock strikes upon the hour and the sun begins to fade........Oh i wanna dance with somebody- whitney =)

The Jolly Jetsetter said...

Whitney Houston didn't help us one bit!