December 10, 2007


Over a cold San Miguel, an idea was proposed to me that involved a sort of revolving wallpaper advertisement on your phone. Much like the cheesy wallpaper images that come with your new Nokia, “Ad-Paper” would do something similar with advertising images—in a dynamic and creative manner. Its interesting, something for the near future. There are of course a number of technological barriers, which a certain MIT grad/McKinsey slugger is deftly solving, along with some friends of mine in HK. It may not be a dramatically revolutionary idea, but certainly one that if paired correctly, can be a potent form of direct advertisement.

As we are clearly seeing, the better-suited fighters in this mobile advertising 1.0 war will be the companies with the most dynamic offerings. A one-stop solution at this point in time, may be premature in a fledgling industry that has yet to be formed. There is very minimal structure and hardly any set barriers; it can go in many different directions. Lets see which group Ad-Paper can tie with.

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