December 10, 2007


First day of snow in Beijing, which for some, means it’s the perfect time to take your Porsche out for a spin or better, a swirl! Enjoying a reckless afternoon in the CBD with a like-minded entrepreneur can be the just the stress outlet you need to clear your mind and prepare for the brainwork needed for the rest of the week. What is nice about birds of the same feather is that you never really need to explain yourself to them. No matter how stupid a life you lead, what half-witted idea you may come up with or what potentially life threatening situation you may find yourself in—friends of these sort always understand. They never judge and often times will join you in whatever stupidity you may get into.

Each person has his or her sort of “release.” Some find it in sports and travel others in drugs—whatever it may be, we are all looking for those few minutes where your soul is light and your mind is clear. In these few moments—the best and most creative of ideas come.

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