December 20, 2007


The official stats of the 2009 ZR1 (Nicknamed Blue Ray) are out and to say they are staggering is an understatement. An all new small block LS9 engine at 6.2 liters cranks out 620 HP and 595 pounds per feet of torque. It has an intercooled supercharger from Eaton matched to a close-ratio six speed manual with dual- disc clutch. What does this mean in layman’s terms: Faster short time speed early in the track (small block) with a gargantuan engine that is also supercharged (no explanation necessary), maximized by a gearbox that keeps at the power-band by using a different combination of gears (close ratio six speed manual) and a clutch that is designed to be abused (dual –disc clutch). All of this result in a car that has a better power-to-weight ratio than the Murcielago, and can reach the 200 mph mark which few cars are designed to do (think: Bentley Continental GT Speed and Bugatti Veyron).

It’s designed to look and act like a street bully at a price ($100,000) that is still quite affordable when compared to the exotic cars it will eat for breakfast. Sadly, since this is a Chevy you can count on a low rent interior and handling that leans more towards American muscle than Italian exotic. However, this is what makes it a corvette; the meanest and fastest corvette ever produced! The Blue Ray will probably be built in low numbers, so get your name on the list as early as possible.

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