December 20, 2007


Took a new trail through San Mateo last weekend. We started off at batohan all the way to kavergel area. At the junction of halo halo we took a left and went towards the landfill in pintong bukawe. We headed towards electronics, passed close to susong dalaga and into pinahan ni Roxas—popping out in crasher conrock (sitio patiis). We ended by heading towards paraiso the funeral garden and out in Banaba San Mateo. Overall it was a fun trail—not exactly technical, though there were a few run-ins with mud patches and cliffs. It was a gorgeous day, with Philippines weather at its very best. The falls was a good breather and would have made a nice place to sit and have lunch.

I am not sure how long this trail will exist—it was newly bulldozed when we passed, so give it a few weeks and the bumps and grooves are sure to settle. I suggest hitting this trail as soon as you can!

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