December 05, 2007


An estimated $30 CPM to advertise on in-game advertising is being offered by Sony. This means that you can find company brands on the digital buildings, taxis, t-shirts and billboards of the new PS3 games. Just how effective and up to date will this advertising be? I would say that it has the potential of being very up to date. Most of the newer game consoles are designed to access the web for games, updates, and uploads. Nielsen is being contracted to track the data on advertisements and estimated (hits). The world of gaming is being treated much like television, through an easily administered, CPM basis. There is no escape from the world’s brands. From the growth in online advertising, mobile advertising, game advertising… expect to see companies like Mc Donalds, Toyota and Diesel Jeans plastered on everything you see, play and hear.

Interesting side news:

Nokia just released an interesting study that predicts that peer groups not just traditional media, will be creating and editing 25% of all entertainment by 2012.

The Zenith Optimedia report on Ad spending predicts that internet advertising will overtake radio advertising in 2008 and magazine advertising by 2010, amounting to 11.5% of total ad spend—putting it right behind television and newspapers.

This makes for an interesting playing field for the mobile advertising contenders.

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