January 23, 2008


IMI Mobile has just launched “Ad-Ring” a fully integrated mobile advertising platform (they claim). It covers SMS, MMS Voice, WAP portal, Caller ring back tone, and Video streaming. It is an interesting offering that addresses (Vishwanath Alluri, IMImobile CEO):

“The increasingly complex needs that demand a highly flexible and intelligent platform.”

“That will allow our customers to initiate and manage consumer campaigns quickly and easily, taking full advantage of the highly targeted nature of mobile advertising.”

Ad-Ring is one of the many “Ads” that we see popping up these days (Ad-Tag, Ad-Phone being the other two). Much like Ad-Ring, Ad-Phone is developing an integrated mobile advertising platform. The services offered however, span across different advertising mediums (Online, Print Media, Mobile) rather than diversity within a medium. Regardless of the approach, these new services are targeting consumers that while easily accessible, are also easily distracted, fickle, and adept multitaskers. Advertisers looking to reach this growing demographic will need varying approaches to spreading their messages.

While I do feel that these creative individuals can do a little better when naming their companies. Formula = [Ad + Common Mobile Word = New Company Name]. Next up: Ad-Cell? Ad-SMS? The approach taken is the right one. Watch these "Ads," they are leading the way.


Anonymous said...

question is - what do these "Ad-something" have that take them up a notch higher than the old school advertising mediums? i believe that the public is getting smarter in terms of knowing what they want and need. Having said that, all these "Ad-whatevers" must come up with something really fresh, unique and rewarding for the public to own them.... nonetheless, tick tock tick tock... those innovations should happen really fast... like right about now.

The Jolly Jetsetter said...

ad- somethings can track and distribute data accurately. This is a big deal. Imagine sending your advertisements to exactly your target market-- and getting accurate feedback on how they reacted, where, when, etc. Its an immensely powerful tool. You are right on the tick tock... opportunities do not wait.

peapod said...

or how about the trend of combining two names to create a new name? (here i thought it was only in the philippines that this happened.. i'm sure the multitudes of luzviminda's out there would agree..). This practice seems to be alive and well in this industry as well:

blackle.com (black+google) - as an effort to save energy (as white screens use up more energy than black), google has come up with this version of their search engine.

yagoohoogle.com (yahoo + google) - a twingine obviously combining two of the most popular search engines to date

and the latest i read about last week on wsj..

tooble (youtube + google) - a free mac application created by highschoolers that allows one to download youtube videos onto your comp.

i'm actually quite amused with both this trend and the "ad+etc" you blogged about. then again.. ask me a year from now when i'm sure we will be saturated with more of these compound proper nouns, and my amusement would have turned... for the worse!

oh well.. who said creativity was coming up with something completely unique and new anyway.. why bother recreating the wheel when you can simply come up with a better version of it.