January 23, 2008


Google and Publicis announced a non-exclusive collaboration between both companies, that would entail placing executives from each company within the ranks of the other.

Maurice Levy (CEO Publicis) said "the goal is to create a "triple-win" -- not just a win-win -- situation. "Our clients win, the platform Google wins and the ad industry/Publicis wins. We're bringing Google our knowledge of advertising communications, consumers and client needs. They're bringing us knowledge of technology and the world of the web."

This is certainly one of the first proactive steps I have seen larger companies make in their quest to gain a piece of the mobile advertising pie. Note that neither of the parties are tied with one another, this collaboration is a way of merging skills and developing programs/systems that address the needs of both parties, namely: The Web/Mobile Industry and Advertising. Finally, instead of companies trying to secretly develop the next best thing, we have an open sharing of information and individuals.

I look forward to seeing more from this collaboration.

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