January 22, 2008


Most Sunday mornings are spent nursing mean hangovers. Some Sundays mornings are spent sipping cappuccinos while enjoying a good book. Once in a long while however, comes that perfect Sunday morning, the kind of morning that you hope will set the tone for all Sundays to come. My weekend drive to breakfast in Tagaytay and back—was MY kind of Sunday morning!

Of course, it was not quite as uneventful as it sounds. Picture seventeen exotic and classic cars and thirty Harley Davidson’s snaking their way up the mountain path (Several environmentalists must have just died after reading that). Cars and motorbikes of this caliber cease to become modes of transportation as they represent the passion and vision of their designers/owners. Whether it be a 2007 Porsche GT3 or a meticulously restored ’65 Harley, there is a deep energy released that resonates life (La Dolce Vita). It is exactly the opposite of that mind dulling, soul-sucking feeling you get when looking at yet ANOTHER Toyota Fortuner or Camry.

My mode of transportation for the day was a 1970’s muscle car, which when driven hard, can be extremely fun while also white knuckled terrifying. The brakes are not even and she leans perilously in sharp curves, but when she opens up on the long stretches and you sit back and enjoy the feel of a car that was designed for boy racers of your fathers’ generation, you can’t help by grin stupidly—ear to ear!

Harley (My hedgehog) and I had a delicious breakfast at Moon Garden (Coffee two thumbs down). The weather was perfect, company pleasant (Thirty plus grown boys acting like kids), and best of all we were back by 11:30 AM. If I can get myself in bed early enough on Saturday evenings, I think I’ll make a habit out of this.

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