March 23, 2008


The WSJ reports: "AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless, dominated the bidding at the government's recent auction of radio spectrum. Putting them in a commanding position to roll out advanced wireless internet services to consumers in coming years." Verizon took 109 licenses, with 227 for ATT. This spectrum is free and clear for all entrants, and with both companies eating up roughly 80% of the total $ made by the government on this bid, we can expect high speed internet applications to hit American shores 2009 and up. This will make mobile TV a viable possibility, as there will be enough bandwidth to handle the size requirements.

Where was Google in all of this? I would not be surprised to hear that they have already crafted some sort of a partnership with these telco companies. With their upcoming android and the huge online possibilities that are brought forth by the results of this bid, Google has a lot to gain.

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