March 23, 2008


Richard Brodsky has proposed a bill that makes it illegal to trace and categorize information on internet users for advertising purposes without consent. I am not well versed on current US laws, but I would expect that this will soon enter the mobile field. What exactly defines the "user information" in this bill and what are the parameters on consent? This will have a large impact on both web 2.0 and mobile 1.0 as both rely heavily on user profiles to generate accurate advertising demographics. Which pay the bills! As a digital medium, the sharing of information across many platforms is exactly what makes these industries interesting to brands and advertisers. The world is changing, information is out there and becoming more and more accessible. I do not believe that user consent is enough to protect the consumers information. Lawmakers will need to devise creative bills to address the varied and flexible nature of these industries.

One thing is for certain, this is just the beginning. In many countries, laws governing the new services and applications of the web and your mobile phone have not been created yet. With developers rapidly firing out new software, this is going to be a sensitive topic for the next year or two.

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