April 06, 2008


Car Enthusiasts are purchasing Fake Ferrari's. Well, kit cars have been in the market for years, I do not necessarily see how this is different? For all those drivers purchasing these fake Ferrari's, I really do hope that it is a Porsche hammered into a Ferrari and not the usual Pontiac Fiero or you will be in for a fat, embarrassing dose of reality at the corner light.


For non-car enthusiasts, kit cars are most often kits that can be used to modify an existing vehicle. This is usually the bargain option for a driver interested in getting some extra mileage from the old family hauler (and an added dose of mojo). As you move up the price ladder, you can get some seriously tuned kit cars that perform better than the original and look identical!

I may be a purist at heart, but I have nothing against kit cars. I would love to purchase an old Daytona or Shelby Cobra kit and drive it to work every day. At least you would not be terrified of scratching or denting the car. Of course it would stay well hidden and out of site for my weekend jaunts. Kit cars are made to be enjoyed and driven to the ground-- not for show!


Anonymous said...

I love it when you talk dirty! I myself appreciate a well made machine but every now and then i do admire the ingenuity of some chaps in Manila. Not everyone can afford a Ferrari in a third world country! Funny enough i just saw a Jeepney morphed into a Hummer while going up to the Mountain Province i gave pause to admire the tenacity and resourcefulness of these local drivers hahaha.

The Jolly Jetsetter said...

Got to love them, they even have the new H2's!

Anonymous said...

Now that i have to see, but i don't doubt that they can do it, or have done it, hmmmm.... i should look into morphing a KIA into a Mini Cooper just for fun...