April 11, 2008


Tibet is still closed off to foreigners and the mood of local government leaders is certainly not pleasant. As briefly expounded by one of the vice ministers I attended a forum with recently: The reason Beijing is so irked with the Tibetan situation (over the humanitarian reasons of course), is because for the last few years the PR line and public mindset has focused and relied on the 2008 Olympics to be THE representation of all that is modern and impressive in China. Why does the Olympics need to be the opening act of Chinas entrance to the world stage? Is it not enough for it to be a great success? Why does the slogan chanted in the city have to be “New Olympics, New Beijing?” What is wrong with New Olympics, Old Beijing?

To host the Olympic games is certainly a great honor and responsibility, but this country has hyped it to an extent that any bad press has an almost double effect on the international view and mood on China. They will need to sober up a little bit, because this negative public view does not look to dissipate anytime soon. With the torch making its way to Beijing and with comparatively quite bit of stops to make (over 20), I would think there will be quite a bit of damage control in the coming months.


Anonymous said...

Point taken, whoever that chinese official was, he has a point. Whether or not the Beijing Olympics becomes a success it still does not change that fact that China is a modern day economic miracle. From my first visit during the 80's till the time i was living there early 2000, i have seen too many changes not to be impressed. I have yet to see another country that has gradually morphed itself into an economic power house in such a short piriod of time although Korea does come a close second, except for that nasty Kim Jong Ill, id say Korea is a good bet for investments as well.

The Jolly Jetsetter said...

Dear Sourpuss
China is fullfilling Deng Xiaopings dream. Bringing as many of these politicians tout, the new T'ang Dynasty. Lets just hope it comes without too much undue pressure on the state, Chinese business, and the people. As for Korea, in todays Asian world, eyes are set on India, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Korea was more of the 90's.